How often is it that we get bored playing the same type of games again and again. We understand your pain and that is why we have decided to come up with a list of very unique and interesting and energetic type of games. With these games we are sure that you will have a lot of fun and it will give you a unique game feeling as well.

Hungry Shark - Hungry Shark Evolution is a game that is played by millions of players world wide and they all are very happy with this game. The game is all set to beat all kinds of records of any short term time game ever. In this game you have a simple task, feed your shark all the items that are eatable. Avoid those bad harmful stuff like poison, metals etc that will take away the health of your shark. If you eat those food items it will fetch you with coins, the in game currency that you can use in purchasing various stuff in the game. We believe that the main goal of any player in a game like hungry shark is to get to that level where you can get your hands on stronger sharks. We are also giving away free hungry shark evolution hack guides and tools, or you may call it online software that allows you to get your hands on free gems and coins for your account. With this you will easily be able to beat all the top players in the game.

Shadow Fight 2 - Shadow Fight is a great fighting and war based game, or you may also call it a strategy fight game where you have your own character that fights battles for you. In this game your task is simple, you will fight your own battles and as you win you get lots of rewards in the form of coins and gems. These rewards can be utilized to buy more items in the game like you have swords, armors and other things that will help you win more wars. Shadow Fight 2 is a very simple game that is played by millions world wide and the main attraction of the game is the fighting abilities and the skills. You should know how to fight exactly and win. If you remember the game Spartain back in those 1990 days, then the game is similar but a much better version with better graphics of course. To all our readers, we are offering you free shadow fight 2 hack software to collect coins and gems for free for your account. Now don't let anybody stop you from winning ever again.

Hi friends, today is the day when you can really speed up your world with these two very interesting and smart games. Life is not easy when it comes to gaming as there are millions of games but most of them are a few minutes worth of your time only. We are trying to identify games which can help last for a long time. With our help you can really speed up your life and world, so listen to us and try out these games.

First Game on our list is Dragon City. An amazing and a unique game that is developed and built on the concept that dragons are your babies who needs nurturing and caring from you. Try to take care of your dragons, feed them food, grow them in size, get them skills and abilities and then they will fight wars for you and win you lots of gold and food or even gems at times.

The basic idea of this game is that you must keep breeding these dragons and make new stronger dragon babies. The most important dragons in this game are Legendary dragons which if you start getting, then you will really be able to win a lot of fights. If you want to defeat your friends then take a look at this free dragon city hack. With the help of this hack you will be able to get your hands on lots of gems that you can utilize in speeding up the breeding process. Once breeding process speeds up, you will really be able to get those legendary dragons pretty quickly in the game.

Second Game in our list is Monster Legends. Monsters in this game are also very nice and lovely. These monsters require your help and care in the form of food and stuff to grow in size. Once monsters grow, they level up, get the abilities and skills to fight wars. The wars in this game is slightly different as the developers have also made an Adventure Map that consists of 100 levels with every fifth level consisting of a boss and every tenth level consisting of a bigger boss. These bosses are offering a lot of rewards in the form of gold and gems. Life in this game is all about getting more and more Monsters, specially the stronger ones. Epic Monsters are really strong in this game and even stronger ones are Legendary Monsters.

Legendary Monsters, whoever have these on their hands are really strong in this game. If you too want to get hold on a lot of these monsters then you must take a look at this free monster legends hack which will fetch you so much gold and gems that you can almost instantly complete all the breeding time and quickly get lots of monsters in no time.

PC Speed-Up is back with a review of an old game that is still very famous among the players. The game boasts of 10 million players worldwide and that makes it one of the most played games of all time. With over a million players we usually call it a successful game and here there are 10 million players playing the game across the world after 4 years of successful operation. Now that is what we call a highly successful game.

We spoke with the management of the game and they helped us understand why the game has been so successful. Basically they told us that this game was unique in it's build and design. No other game on an android or iOS phone has ever been launched that was so much fun. This game is a strategy as well as a fighting based game and that makes it really unique. Till now we only played Role Playing Games that involved one character which you got to build and make it stronger. Now we have dozens of dragons acting like your character that you need to build. They told us that the most interesting part of the game is that a player has to themselves try and get more dragons (characters) through breeding.

Breeding is the most important concept in this game and that is what makes the game unique in it's performance. Breeding is tough nut and only breeding is what can fetch you with stronger and more powerful Legendary Dragons. If you want to do well in this game, you must see to get different breeding ideas. Try those combinations and get hold of the stronger dragons today. To win in fights against your friends or enemies, you must possess the stronger dragons. The Legendary dragons very easily defeat the weak single element dragons because Legendary dragons are built with three different elements and they have a higher damage and also a better chance at striking a critical shot at your single element dragon. This is what makes Legendary dragons so powerful, their skill set is impressive.

The unique part of the game is also in it's PVP Battles. Here in PVP Battle there are two players who compete against each other with three dragons. You can choose your three best dragons for a fight and you get to fight your enemies three dragons. Each dragon has it's strengths and weaknesses against different elements of dragons. Like Water is weak against fire but stronger against another element. A Fire is weak against Earth and so on. So the fight is between dragon elements and hybrid dragons are stronger against two elements and weaker against only one element. This makes complete sense into why you should have every hybrid dragons in the game. Single element dragons are weak so don't use it.

Hi PC Gaming Friends, today a high quality talk is going to take place at our work station. Feel Free to come there to add to the discussion. So friends, today the discussion is going to take place on some of the best and most interesting games that are doing well lately. If you ever wanted to play an endless running game, then Subway Surfers is the game for you. How about running along the railway tracks collecting coins and running away from a Policeman with a watch dog? The dog is very cute, don't worry it will not bite you. The basic concept of a game like this is to collect as many points and coins as you can while running away. To understand the game better, try playing games like Temple Run, they are all similar but just that Subway Surfers is the most famous and popular running game. Almost every kid these days wants to play Subway Surfers. Collecting coins in a game like this is not an easy task and thus we have come up with a great solution for such kids who are impatient, try if you are tired of waiting around to collect enough coins to unlock stuff in the game. With unlimited coins at your disposal, now you can unlock nearly everything in the game.

The next game that will be up for discussion will be Hill Climb Racing. This is one unique game of a kind which has never been coded before. In this game you can take out any vehicle, be it a car or a jeep or even a bus or monster truck and start driving in any map of your choice, be it countryside, desert, moon or mars. The basic concept of this game is to drive as much distance as you can and win lots of points. Points can be used to unlock fresh maps or vehicles or even vehicle upgrades. Once you get enough of these you can unlock the game fully but that can take ages. Impatient? Try and you can get unlimited coins instantly in your account and therefore unlock your whole account within minutes. The best aspect of this game is Physics, bad at it? No worries, just keep playing and you will enjoy enough to forget about physics for the rest of your life. We were never good at studies but we rock at games and thus we hold such discussions at our work place.

Today we are going to discuss some of the best PC or Phone Games that can speed up your life like anything. Yes you heard it right! Go speed up your life with some of the best games of 2015. Today we have selected the most famous game of Pool which is 8 ball pool and another game called Pixel Gun 3D. In a game of pool, you must already know the rules, you have to shoot the ball in the pool table holes and you get points for that. In a game like Pixel Gun, you have a gun and you have to shoot down pixels that are your enemies. In a shooting game rules are simple, you shoot and kill your enemies.

8 Ball Pool is a Facebook related game started for Desktop and now is also famous in most android phones or even iOS phones for that matter. This game is simple just like any other Pool Game as we explained earlier. But in this game you need lots of money, so that you can enter the games to play. To play high stakes tournaments you really need a lot of in game cash. Without in game money you are nothing in 8 Ball Pool. To over come the difficulties of a beginner, we have managed to find a big secret called 8 ball pool hack website which promises to not only deliver free in game dollars, but it also does it instantly without any trouble.

Pixel Gun 3D is another famous game that has over a million players. In this game you can play multiplayer version and shoot and kill your other multiplayer enemies. You can also play single player and shoot down computerized enemies. This is a fun and interactive game where you can choose your weapons and fight directly with your choice of weapons. If you play single player, you get to kill Zombies and if you play against friends, then you get to kill other Pixel buddies. In this game it costs to buy expensive and strong weapons and thus it becomes critical to earn in game cash. With in game cash you can do a lot of things that isn't possible without it. Try taking a look at pixel gun 3d hack website if you are not interested in playing the game the natural way.

As we have already discussed about ways to speed up your PC, we are not going to go there, but I would love to talk about some of the games that you can play once your PC starts to work faster. Some of these games are my favorite, so prepare to see a completely biased review of these games.

One of the game that we wish to talk about is clash of clans. It is my favorite game of all time and I expect it to remain my favorite game for times to come. Why do I love this game so much? It is because of the kind of strategy that the game involves. This game is full of surprises and strategies must be built in order to win against your opponents. One of the top priority in this game is defense. You must employ correct strategies and defend your town. Place walls in a way that you manage to protect your town against incoming raiders. If you are looking for a short cut, then you must learn the strategy of getting clash of clans gems the secret way. With lots of gems you can do almost anything in this game.

Another game that has made it to my list is Pou game. Pou is the best pet game and here we have a nice fat alien pet. Pou is one such game where you are supposed to take care of your pet. Have you ever had a pet at home? Do you take care of your pet? In the same way you take care of your pet in this game. You have to give your pet a shower, feed your pet some pet food. Another interesting thing in this game is that you have to also take your pet outside and play with them. It is only when you play with your pet, your pet happiness rises. For each of these activity you get coins. If you have coins, you can buy a lot of items from the marketplace, basically if you have unlimited coins, you are the king of this game. Let me tell you a secret of Pou game, now you can grab free pou hack software and get unlimited coins instantly to your account. Do check it out, as most top gamers are silently making use of this software without telling you.

That is all folks!

Today we are coming up with a deadly piece of advice for gamers out there. Spice up and speed up your life with this deadly combo of Xbox One and cheap games like Fifa 16. Our team has already bought an Xbox One and cheap fifa game for our office and ever since they have purchased this, everyone in our office is excited.

Cheap Games

We are big time supporters of game that are cheap and price reasonably. We basically believe that there is no need to spend tons of money on a game. Things should be priced nicely and cheaply. The games are often played by Students and non working people as working people hardly have time to play. And if you over price your games, how are students going to afford these games? We are buying a lot of our games from and we are quite happy to suggest them if you are looking for cheap games.

FIFA 16 is one of the best and cheap FIFA franchise games that have been ever made. Our team has already joined various tournaments and is leading in many of them as well. Our office is very addicted to this game now and we play it all day long. Well, technically not everyone has been playing the game, we go turn by turn as we are using a single account registered under our PC-SpeedUp Office name. Well, we have definitely steer ahead of other players using some FIFA coins that were left over.

Cheap Games On Xbox One

Xbox One is one of the best gaming consoles every made by Microsoft. It is using the latest technology and architecture, different than what had been previously used. Xbox has also applied Cloud Computing technology to improve the game play and lag experience. Along side we also have improved interface, it has been made much smoother. We now pick up games online for a cheap price and play it live on our Xbox One. It is a great experience and a great feeling.

Live Gold Xbox

The best part of this gaming console is the LIVE gaming, where a player with Xbox live gold codes can actually play games online, multiplayer with other players and compete with them. Here people from across the world are connected to the same server and competing with each other. Our Office account is already one of the top players in Xbox One Live.

What we love about Xbox One is how great it feels to play a game. We can easily connect the console to our Full HD 65 inch curved Television and enjoy games at ultra high definition. If you have a great television, you will instantly know and understand what we are talking about. The look and feel of the cinematography of the games is like a breeze to our eyes.

We have discussed how to speed and spice up your NORMAL life but what about love life? Everyone requires some love and love without any speed or spice is not good. Love is a great thing and you must take care of love and then love will take care of you. Confused? Don't be. Love makes you smile and keep you happy but love also needs nurturing and caring. You care for love, bring it what it wants and love will keep you happy. Then you have to maintain your love and love continues to keep you happy for the rest of your life. We are going to look at a few things in detail today:

Love Date

A date is the most important part of love life. First date with a girl or a boy will seal your fate that if you are going to proceed further with that person or not. If you succeed into moving into the second date and a third or more, then you are more likely to be in a relationship. If the date fails, then you look for a new fish. Plan a date in advance and impress your partner as much as possible.

Love Quotes

Love Quotes are one of the important things in a relationship. You must always keep saying them. It keeps the love life spiced up and fun. If you don't use these quotations and praises, then love life can get really boring. Saying these cute love quotes for him will keep him happy and excited for a long time to come. This is more valid in case of a girl, a girl will always want to hear these love quotes and if these love quotes are genuine, cute and sweet, then it goes a long way in keeping her happy and fun.


Every love relationship needs care, if you don't care for your partner, the relationship can fail any moment. You must be caring and show it to your partner, make them believe that you are there to take care of him or her all the time. Your partner must feel safe and happy around you and only then they are going to love you forever. The basic idea of a relationship is togetherness. Two people in a relationship care about each other.

Listening is also important you know? A partner always expects their loved ones to listen to them, hear them out and even advice them on various matters regularly. These little things will help sustain a relationship for a long time to come.

Today we are going to advice you on how to spice up your life by playing a few very smart games on your very smart phone. Well, you can also play these games on a desktop using an application called Facebook or you can play it better on your phone, which must be an Android or an Ios device for sure. Shall we take a look at some of these games in detail?

Monster Legends: The top game on our list for you to try is monster legends. Monster legends is a strategy turn based game where you start on an island, you buy monsters, grow them and give them skills and powers to fight for you. The only way you can proceed and win the game is when your monsters defeat enemy monsters. In order to do that, you will need to grow strong monsters. Refer to this monster legends breeding chart for more clarity on how to get legendary and rare monsters.

Clash of Clans: This is the second game to make it to our list of Spice up your life edition. This is a famous game that is played by over million fans worldwide. This is another strategy game where in you have to grow your own army base of buildings, towers, defense and other stuff. You also build an army and go at war with other players or even the computer. The idea is to win battles and collect resources and grow further. With resources you collect, you can upgrade your troops, buildings, walls and grow more army. This game is fun but you can make it more fun by collecting coc free gems and upgrading your buildings and army much faster. A stronger army is the one that makes it to the end and wins the game.

Dragon City: This game is yet another strategy game that makes it to the top of our spicy list. In this game, you live in a dragon's world and grow and nurture dragons. Similar to dragon city, your task is to get the strongest dragons possible and fight enemy wars, PVP battles and other kind of stuff. This game is slightly more peaceful than monster legends but then dragons are not as dangerous as monsters are they?

Transport Tycoon: This is yet another, I repeat another strategy game to feature in our list of spicy games. In this game, you are basically playing a whole country, state kind of place, where you develop various modes of transport, be it mail or passenger transfers. You can build roadways or trains or airports or even water ways. The idea is to build a thriving transport company that is highly profitable and controls the transport empire of the entire country or state. The best and most profitable company wins this race. It is like my favorite game and I still play it, actually over a million players are playing it on Facebook.

We believe that four games make up a good list for one month at least. Let's hope that we are able to come up with another big list next month. Thank you guys. Stay tuned!

We spoke about achieving desired goals last time, today we will focus on achieving stress free experience when it comes to driving. As we stay in New Jersey and travel to New York regularly, we understand what it means to drive a car here. It is not an easy task and involves a lot of stress as we often get stuck with heavy traffic and sometimes jams. Our car also gets tired, gives low mileage as half the time we travel in second gear. So we have now decided to keep our car and take it out only on a Sunday, rest of the days to go to office or other places, we are hiring a Limousine from Limo Service NJ.

These guys are doing an excellent job, providing a free service to us needy customers. We have signed up a free account on their website and have added our home address where a limo will pick us up. Now we simply login to our accounts and write the destination address and we instantly get quotes from their Limousine partners and we select the best rate/car combination from the list and simply relax. A car will soon come at our doorstep to take us wherever we wish to go.

Three reasons we will continue to use these services:

Relaxation - Once you get hand of this relaxation while traveling, you'll almost never want to use your own car. Sitting in a luxury car itself feel premium and good and when you relax at the back seat while someone else drives you around, it is truly a very good feeling.

Parking - We no longer have to get troubled with finding a parking space. You know how it gets here in NY, almost no parking place in public areas. We have to park far away and come walk. These days are behind us now as we simply hire a car and they drop us at our destination and they leave. The onus of parking a car is no longer on us.

Working - Now we can work while we sit in a car, in a limousine there is enough space to sit and switch on your laptop, have a drink or something and do office or personal work. Sometimes I write a blog article while I'm being driven around. This saves me a lot of time.

We want you to have this experience as well. Take our your phone and book a Limo today.

Today our team has decided to write an exclusive article that is going to change the way you do things in your life. We are going to supply you with various tips that will help you in your day to day life. We are the #1 team on the internet who go around helping young kids achieve their goals easily.

Getting Cheaper Games: Often what is neglected by people is psn codes which help a poor guy get access to games he could not have bought due to affordability factor.  Now clicking on the website will take you to the top sellers of these codes, you can try and get access to games in no time. These codes are only for Sony PS and will not work for Xbox.

PC Speed: Home PCs are one of the most cursed products ever. Most people curse PCs when they become slow and out dated and this usually happens after a few years of usage. The problem is that you buy a PC, but in a few years as technology is changing, your PC becomes out dated and non supportive to the new requirements of the software and applications. So we usually request people to keep their PC free of the bloated stuff they usually install in their PC. One of the biggest culprit are start up programs. A lot of applications will run at the time and open as Windows opens. This poses a lot of problems for slow PCs as these apps will eat away RAM and CPU on the background while idle. Make sure to shut down any apps from automatically starting up.

Then use only few applications at a time. As time passes, the same apps will be upgraded and will use more RAM due to added features, so with same ram, your PC may not run the same amount of applications together a few years from the time of purchase. Run fewer applications and close applications if not needed. Don't open 10 tabs on google chrome, open a few, work, close and then open new ones. This way you support your PC in achieving proper performance.

One simple tip we will give you now, try to sleep at 10pm and wake up at 6pm then next day try to sleep at 1am and wake up at 9 am. See which day you feel more energetic. You will be surprised how good 10-6 works.